2021 - All Things Local

This last year has certainly given us all time to think about what we find most important in our lives. For me that continues to be family, friends, and, more than ever before, community. Working outside on my farm from end March - end October provided me with a lifestyle that made the past year not as difficult for me as for many others. I was able to do what I love and also provide a service to my community by providing fresh, healthy food. This year, I am re-committed to working my farm in the most efficient way possible to provide even more food and flowers on the same amount of land. I'm still developing the farm plan that will allow me to be more diligent about boosting my soil, catching any pest issues and picking product at the peak of freshness. I normally travel in February; being home has given me more time to plan. But, I'm so ready to make it happen...I am so looking forward to having dirty nails again!

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