Ready for the 2018 growing season!

Did I really not write a blog post in 2017? It was a very busy year on the farm, one that confirmed my place as a farmer in the local community, an important aspect of how I view success on the farm. Towards that end, I was invited to participate at Farmers Table - a wonderful event to raise awareness of Litchfield County farms by bringing together farmers and residents in dialogue over local food and wine. I also was one of the farmers asked to participate in a CSA providing fruits and vegetables to the Meals on Wheels program. I believe my favorite offer to this group was strawberry and peach jam (2017 was the best year for peaches yet!).

I'm re-committed to keeping up with my blog. For this year, I'm particularly excited about implementing techniques learned at the Mass NE Organic Farm Conference in January, such as new methods for weed reduction and even more intensive salad green growing practices. I will keep you posted on how that's going!

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