Ready for 2016!

I've learned so much during the last two years as a commercial farmer and am going into this year very confident. I went to the NE Fruit and Vegetable Conference in December which provided me with alot of excellent information for my expanding strawberry business as well as the chance to hear JM Fortier - the king of intensive, thoughtful production - speak. Another winter influence was the book, "The Lean Farm" that takes lessons learned from Toyota's production system overhaul and applies it to farming. Sound like a stretch? Not really! The book offered great insight on how to systematically build an efficient farm, which is so important to production without exhaustion.

I expect to start planting April 2 but this winter has been so mild, that date might be pulled back a week or so. I am so excited about this year! With the knowledge I've gained as well as a small set of super customers I'm eager to get started. Apparently, I have a local following for my prepared salads and along with my loyal strawberry customers, others just might be looking forward to my growing season too!

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