Into the Season

It's been several months since I've provided an update and now the growing season is in full swing! I am thrilled with my new customers who are all a pleasure to work with. What I'm not thrilled with is the weather. These drenching storms have made the ground pretty soggy; I'm looking forward to a couple sunny days and a nice July 4 break!!

Everything is planted and I'm already on second plantings of several crops, such as chard, radishes, lettuce and argula. I am cutting the chard when it is baby-tall and find it alot softer when eaten early. The three strawberry beds that I had last year (unfortunately, a fourth was devastated by a HUGE raccoon) have all produced and I'm seeing them rest a bit before producing again. My new strawberry plants will produce in July, so I will have strawberries into the fall.

I'm excited about the lunch salads I'm producing for The Smithy in New Preston. My first delivery is July 1 and I've just successfully printed the labels and am ready to go. I'll have two salads per month based on what is growing. The July salads are a green salad with strawberry vinaigrette and a green/asparagus/bok choy salad with almond butter dressing. Both are yummy!

Time to weed a bit and call it a night! More later...

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