Thinking about 2015

Things are starting to ramp up for the 2015 season on Sloane Farm: I have my CSA members signed up; I'm working closely with Rosemary at Farm2Jars to be sure my crop plan is in synch with her requirements.

There's alot of snow left to melt and a big need for some warm days before planting outside will be viable, but its coming. In the meantime, I am reading a number of books on soil health - a subject that really interests me. This past year, I had a big problem with squash bugs and firmly believe this problem wouldn't have almost decimated my cucumbers, squash and pumpkins if my soil had been stronger. Plus, the more I understand about nutrient dense foods and how to incorporate them in my diet, the more I understand that nutrient density starts with the soil. I believe this aspect of farming will be a life-long learning process and I look forward to continuing to gain more knowledge through my own reading, workshops and talking to other farmers.

I hope you like the picture of my farm under snow. I'm personnaly ready to see some green!

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