Already harvesting!

It's been too long since I updated you on my progress on the farm. Suffice to say, I've been busy. Didn't really know what busy was, until planting season started. My one-woman farm mantra is still happening; one-woman planting makes it all real. That is, planting, watering, hoeing, weeding, harvesting, re-planting, hoeing, weeding, harvesting...Am I exhausted? Yes! Am I happy? Yes!!

My CSA started this week with two deliveries and two on-farm pick-ups. Starting next week, I'll provide one delivery and will keep - and grow, I hope - on-farm pick-ups as a great opportunity to talk to my CSA customersabout what I'm doing and why. This week, everyone received kale, a couple varieties of lettuces, arugula, herbs, bok choy, spinach. Next week, I'll add in asparagus which I've been grilling every night for the past several weeks and am not tired of yet!

Next post will be about Farm2Jars and our lucious no-grain ola. I promise it won't take me months to post...:).

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