Lessons Learned In The Corporate World

It was a May day in 2012 when I could actually feel my insides squeezing and knotting from job stress. I had been trying for several months to be an agent of change in my company, developing new directions for global markets. But the mix of personal and political agendas, as well as regional revenue goals and short-term pressures, made my role in creating global alignment difficult to achieve.

One year later, in May of 2013, my life was extremely different. I had left the corporate world of Silicon Valley for a farm in New England. While I continued to work in business development in a consulting capacity, I also began to create a vision for my farm. After years of managing my own employees, the idea of a one-woman farm sounded just right. And somehow being the agent of change in my own life was not only doable, but fun!

Those years of working in business development in the corpoate world have found so many applications in my new life as a one-woman farmer. How else could I be so comfortable with the "no risk-no reward" aspect of my life now? How else could I have recognized the importantance of not falling too in love - and spending too much time, money and emotion - on a wrong crop decision?

But I'm getting ahead of myself! I forgot to say, "Welcome to my blog!"

The purpose of this blog is to talk a bit about my amazing transition from Director at a high-tech company to part-time consultant - in a much smaller, more dynamic high-tech company - and owner-operator of a four-acre organic farm. I've experienced many changes over the past year and a half, but both the hot-air balloonist who landed in my back field and I have had a safe landing and I am remain excited for what is in store for me in May 2014 and beyond!

My journey has been eventful. In fact, when a former colleague first mentioned the word "journey" to describe my new undertaking I balked at the word. Today, I realize it has been and continues to be just that: a journey. Thank you Cheri for your insight. This post is dedicated to you!

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