SLOANE FARM has 1/2 acre under production.  See what's growing below!

Planning for the season:


One of my favorite farm "jobs' is selecting seeds and plants for the growing season.  This year, I will have all new strawberry plants - about 500 total.  All are day neutral which provides a later crop, different from June strawberries. Seeds were purchased early this year, with the knowledge provided by several seed companies that there are more home gardeners than ever purchasing seeds (not a bad thing!), so stock might be limited.  

This year, I have a goal of determining the right mix of salad greens to take me from producing Sloane Farm Salads from mid-June through end October, with no slow down in the hot summer months. 


With no greenhouse, most of my growing is directly from seed.  This winter I did transform a not-often-used dining room into a grow room for winter lettuce for my own consumption.  This has been a fun experiment and, so far, successful.





A bucolic day on the farm


This peaceful photo of the farm might suggest that it is always a place of calm winds and sunshine.  But for any of you that are familiar with New England weather, you will know that each day can bring a new microclimate!  After growing up in New England, I moved to Silicon Valley for work and to raise my family; returning to New England weather has been an experience in extremes. 


Many days are beautiful; some days are harsh; all are New England.

Growing from year-to-year


Last summer's heat and humidity were not kind to strawberries.  I'm changing my growing practices - less fabric and more straw - to help create an environment that does not trap the heat.  


Last year, I found the tastiest peas were snow peas.  They were also the easiest to transform into a great stir-fry at the end of the day.  In addition to snow peas, I also grow sugar snap peas and shelling peas.  Peas are an early crop, fun to grow, and truly yummy.

I'm excited about lavender!  It will be grown in fabric containers that I can move around the farm to get the best sun and as an animal deterrent.  I'll sell the lavender as is, and experiment with using it in baking.